Thursday, November 12, 2009

And the story goes a little something like this..

New music- Friendly Fires, Newton Faulkner, and Frankmusik

Yesterday, meran and i saw "Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day" and you guys, it was fucking amazing!!!

there are so many new movies that are coming out in the next couple months that you guys should really go see! its not even movie season but there rolling them out like crazy. here are some titles i would suggest:

The Blind Side
Paper Hearts (this one is only gonna be in select theaters)
The Road
Prince of Persia
The Imaginarium of dr. Parnassus ( heath ledgers last movie!)
Sherlock Holmes
The Book of Eli
The Tree of Life
and of course...
Alice and Wonderland

Im sorry i didnt put release dates or directors names but these are just some upcoming movies that look amazing and i would suggest. and if anyone needs someone to go with them for their movie experience.. im always down..

so today will consist of me trying to be a bit productive while im at home, id like to maybe clean up my room and myself a bit and maybe sit with my mom for a little (depending on her mood) cuz no one likes to sit with a mrs. grumpy pants and then the gym with myra and possibly a movie and a laugh with sunshine..

about the gym:
no one should feel like this is the answer to their prayers. life doesnt stop after the gym. and you know what? it shouldnt... so for those i know are struggling to be pleased with their body type.. i hope you find what satisfies you soon.. and just try to be healthy.. you dont need anything else but your health.

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