Friday, November 13, 2009

A heart for a smile..

"...Circle of your friends will defend the silver lining.."

"Inside my mouth i can hear all the voices say
do not lean over the ledge
i shouldn't look down and i shouldn't have found
that your lips i still taste in my head
raising my glass to the head of the class
as she powers out steps one through ten
i think i'll be fine if i'm covered in wine
nice to hate you and love you again
and see you again
and see you again

weary and worn little monster is born
tell me lies and i'll justify them
desperate today and it's making me pay
for that night for that kiss for your bed
whoever dared to love someone out there
i don't need a balloon and a pin
the name of the game is outrunning the blame
so i hate you and love you we're friends
guess we'll be friends
i guess we'll be friends"

Why cant you take me in your arms now?
Why cant you take me in your arms now?
Why cant you take me in your arms now?

this one is for two people..

my one who i question and the person i know who asks the same question as me...

i probably dont know as much as i think i do, but I've observed and experienced enough to realize probably the hardest thing we'll ever have to go through is the trials and errors of loving another. Its probably the best and worst pain you will ever feel and i guarantee and promise you, for the pain to settle, you'll own more amounts of happiness then you've ever imagined.

a word of caution before proceeding:
Always protect yourself before another. Do Not be selfish, just know that your stuck with yourself forever... but partners may change (hopefully they dont) but just a consideration..

word of advice:
Never be afraid to tell them that you love them... and if you cant.. then they shouldn't be the ones hearing it..

The Best Wasted Time..

"Pain throws your heart to the ground
Love turns the whole thing around
No, it won't all go away, it should
But I know the heart of life is good"

Good Morning world..

So i just realized yesterday that ive spent a good amount of time watching the tv show "The Office".

We all have that one friend with the driest sense of humor ( i know for my friends its me) and all of those awkward moments are the best jokes you've ever laughed at..
this show is non stop dryness. and at the end you'll feel like you've just gained about 5 new friends.( you wouldnt want the rest of the cast to be friends with you..)


This show is based on the british tv series which is the same exact thing but published for american viewers. One of the producers for the show has worked on shows like The Simpsons, SNL, and even Rugrats, so hes got his experience in the bag.

The cast includes people we know like Steve Carrell (40 year old virgin) as Micheal Scott, Rainn Wilson (The Rocker) as Dwight Schrute, and Jenna Fischer ( Balls of fury)as Pam and alot more unkown funny people putting themselves on the map..

Funny trivia for those of you who watch the show.. Rainn Wilson aka Dwight, before auditioning watched every single episode of every season before auditioning (such a dwight thing to do) and then went out for Micheal's roll before getting turned down and got casted as Dwight.. (better fit id say lol)


the whole basis of this show is to make fun of the basic office life with ties, paperclips, and water breaks. The show is scripted but theres alot of improve that went into it.. ex. the gay witch hunt episode where oscar came out of the "closet", the kiss between micheal and oscar was improvised and the actual reaction of the office was totally real... good stuff

The very sexy Pam..

The show comes on TBS and Comedy Central (but there just reruns..) but new episodes can be viewed on NBC ..

I hope everyone will give this show a chance and find a bit of humor to brighten their day.. a smile is one of the most powerful weapons in the world..

Have a great day everyone!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

And the story goes a little something like this..

New music- Friendly Fires, Newton Faulkner, and Frankmusik

Yesterday, meran and i saw "Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day" and you guys, it was fucking amazing!!!

there are so many new movies that are coming out in the next couple months that you guys should really go see! its not even movie season but there rolling them out like crazy. here are some titles i would suggest:

The Blind Side
Paper Hearts (this one is only gonna be in select theaters)
The Road
Prince of Persia
The Imaginarium of dr. Parnassus ( heath ledgers last movie!)
Sherlock Holmes
The Book of Eli
The Tree of Life
and of course...
Alice and Wonderland

Im sorry i didnt put release dates or directors names but these are just some upcoming movies that look amazing and i would suggest. and if anyone needs someone to go with them for their movie experience.. im always down..

so today will consist of me trying to be a bit productive while im at home, id like to maybe clean up my room and myself a bit and maybe sit with my mom for a little (depending on her mood) cuz no one likes to sit with a mrs. grumpy pants and then the gym with myra and possibly a movie and a laugh with sunshine..

about the gym:
no one should feel like this is the answer to their prayers. life doesnt stop after the gym. and you know what? it shouldnt... so for those i know are struggling to be pleased with their body type.. i hope you find what satisfies you soon.. and just try to be healthy.. you dont need anything else but your health.

Day One

So it being my first blog i should probably put a "Main Character Analysis" page up so if a name pops up well know what the background story is.. "And here weee gooo!

1. Me,I, Maie - the narrator of this blog, the person i consult before any and every decision i make in my life.

2. My mom - self explanitory

3. Meran - my second mother or older sister

4. Marwan - the princess of the house, my younger sister, my brother

5. Marwa - older sister who lives in jersey with husband Tarick

slevin or commonly known as monkey - my faggot cat.

For the privacy and protect of the list below this line i would like to change a few names......................................................................................................................................................

6. Myra- invisible sister, merans friend.. i guess mine too..

7. Sunshine - One of three best friends

8. Daisy - Two of three bestfriends

9. Oscar- the tin man, the other person i consult before making a decision

if anyone is named beyond this point they'll be very self explanatory